It’s been a some time since Instagram has given it’s Direct Message some love and attention but just recently Instagram added some really useful functionality. Currently included in the refresh are:

  • Group photo sharing and messaging (15 persons or less)
  • Responding to shared photos with other photos
  • Start a conversation with text
  • Share images from your feed in direct messaging

These added functions create huge opportunities in B2B and B2C relationships. 

This improved direct messaging has big implications for digital marketers with respect to identifying and connecting to advocates and influencers who share brand related images, yielding invaluable insights on how these advocates and influencers interact with the their friends and fans, monitoring competitor marketing activities, reputation management/customer service. 

Now couple these new features with the insanely clever, real-time image recognition tool, Mantii, and you can really gain some ground on building a robust brand advocacy program. Pinpoint those that love your brand and reward/empower them and they will surely sing your praises. Why is this important? Simply, these advocates aid in swaying the decisions of consumers in the consideration phase.

I’m looking forward to seeing how brands and/or agencies utilize these two powerful tools to cultivate relationships with consumers.